33 Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Kick Start Your Day

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21. Savory Pesto Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Savory Pesto quinoa bowl with avocado and hard boiled egg

Photo: Simply Quinoa

This recipe provides balanced nutrition while also providing enough fat and protein to keep you feeling full throughout the morning. You can get the recipe here.

22. Cranberry Orange Steel-Cut Oats

cranberry orange steel-cut oats
Photo Credit: cookieandkate.com

You can find the recipe here.

23. Goat Cheese Scrambled Eggs With Pesto and Sundried Tomato

goat cheese and scrambled eggs


This may be more of a weekend healthy breakfast recipe because it can take some time to make. You could, however, make the salad ahead of time and make the scrambled eggs in the morning which is perfectly do-able. Get the recipe here.

24. Overnight Buckwheat Cashew Parfait (Vegan and Gluten-Free)

overnight buckwheat cashew parafait


Get the recipe here.

25. Japanese Vegetable Pancakes

Japanese breakfast pancakes


An interesting take on potato pancakes or latkes. If you are really health conscious, substitute the soy sauce with aminos and use a nice saturated fat as the cooking oil that won’t oxidize. If you don’t make these modifications, then the recipe really isn’t healthy at all. Get the recipe here.

26. Coconut and Butternut Squash Oatmeal Bowl

butternut squash and oatmeal bowl for breakfast


The recipe can be found here.

27. Warm Green Breakfast Bowl

warm green breakfast bowl


With quinoa, almonds, and eggs, this recipe is loaded with protein. So it’s sure to keep you feeling full until lunch.

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