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About Me

1421201999Hey, I’m Cameron, the guy behind Naturalife and my goal in life is to help people heal through natural wellness. To make this goal possible, I created Naturalife which provides practical tips and guides to help people naturally improve their health through clean eating, real food recipes, fitness, natural remedies, self-improvement tips, and much more.

To be honest, I’m not a doctor or a medical expert. But what I am is a self-motivated natural health enthusiast. I have a Bachelor’s in Health Promotion and a desire to know all that I can about natural wellness. I have even worked under a naturopath to get a better grasp of science-based natural wellness. And let me tell you, that was an amazing experience.

But what’s most important in all this is what sparked my passion for natural medicine and what drives me to help others.  There are certainly many small reasons that justify my passion natural medicine but I will always remember the moment in my life that started it all.

Why I Created Naturalife

In my middle-teenage years, I was plagued with anxiety and depression—it seemed as if there was no way out.  Worst of all, it ran in my family, so I used that as an excuse to accept that it was going to be a part of my life forever. If you ever have experienced either anxiety or depression, you probably know what I am talking about.

After a year or so of dealing with anxiety and depression, pharmaceuticals were brought up by my parents and doctor. Fortunately, for my sake, I always questioned people’s word, instead of taking it for granted–which is something everyone should do by the way.

So I did my research.

I quickly discovered all of the negative side effects that anti-depressants or anxiety medication can have. Not to mention that depression meds ran the risk of INCREASING my anxiety. That was completely absurd to me.

All of these undesirable side effects were not something I wanted to deal with. It just didn’t quite sit right with me.

The pharmaceutical “fix” was a complete turn off.

I thought that there must be another way to cure myself…And that’s the moment my life changed.

I did my research and discovered alternative ways to cure my anxiety and depression. I discovered meditation, rhodiola rosea, holy basil, depression-fighting foods, and spiritual books to change my mindset (The Celestine Prophecy Books in particular were a huge help).

Within two months, I completely turned my life around. I was  hooked on natural wellness.

I thought that, if the natural approach to health was so effective in treating my anxiety and depression, then why don’t more people take this route of healing? I quickly discovered that people simply don’t know. Some assume natural healing is a joke, while others believe in pills almost religiously.

Another Motivational “Smack In The Face”

Around the same time, my Father came down with a very rare and ultimately fatal disease. It was devastating to me and the family. For something this severe, I will admit, pharmaceuticals did preserve his life. But this preservation came with a cost: tons of negative side effects.

There was a point that I wasn’t sure if the disease or the medication were causing more harm to his body. To me, this seemed like a confusing paradox. Medication was supposed to help rid us of disease. But at the same time, it was causing new diseases. When these new diseases caused by medication became a problem, he then had to take more medication to  control it.

A vicious cycle with no end in sight.

Once again, I was driven towards natural medicine. I thought that there must be a way to heal the body without destroying it at the same time.

Life Again Shoves Me Towards Natural Wellness

At this point, I was around 19 years old. I was a freshman in college set with the idea that I wanted to pursue a career in natural medicine. But as most freshmen are, I was still ultimately unsure about what I wanted to do. That is, until I got a phone call from my Mom.

After some hesitation, she told me that she had triple positive breast cancer.

This was a huge blow. Both of my parents were very ill. I feared that I would be left without any parents as a freshman in college–the point in life where we are just beginning to explore our independence.

After reality set in, I stepped back and decided that I would stay in school and visit when I could.

My Mom went through her chemotherapy & radiation treatments (along with several other medications) and, like my father, experienced a cocktail of negative side effects. I then sought after natural ways to manage her side effects. For example, after some research, I discovered that tart cherry juice would help alleviate her joint pain cause by her estrogen-blocking drugs. Anything that I could find to help her out made me feel that much better (and her too I am sure).

Fast forward several years. Both my parents are thankfully still alive. Every now and then they call me up to see if I have any suggestions on how to naturally cure this or that. I am always happy to help.

Getting to The Point

The reason why I am telling you about this is not to tell a sob story. I do not want you to feel bad. I simply wanted to show you why and how I am genuinely motivated to help you. You see, I have always searched for a way to share my knowledge and help people naturally heal. But I never felt like I was reaching enough people.

I mean sure, I still love helping out friends, relatives, and other people who approach me personally for help, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to reach out and help people on a global scale.

That is when I got introduced to blogging and life coaching. I quickly realized that blogging was one of the best ways to reach people on a global scale and to have a positive effect on this world.

I then set out to create Holistic Beginnings: Health Coaching (my first blog / life coaching site) followed by Naturalife.

Now I plan to use this website as a platform to hopefully save up enough money to get into naturopath school 🙂 and become an influencer to help spread awareness about naturopathic doctors.

You see, I want Naturalife to be a place where people learn to naturally heal, be happy, and become the best versions of themselves. For that to truly happen, I need to build trust and hope. That is why I  put myself out there and revealed some really personal stuff about my life’s story.

Enough about me, now I want to know about you! Come join the awesome Naturalife community.

Everything on this site is aimed to help you on your journey to wellness (and chronicle my journey as well)!

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Valuable knowledge is useless unless it is used help others.