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**If you do not follow these guidelines for your submission, I will not respond to your email for feedback. Do not send me a pitch for topic suggestions as I don’t have time to respond to the countless pitches I get every day.

At Naturalife, we whole-heartedly welcome and love new contributions from our growing body of bloggers. It’s a great way to grow your website, practice, or reach more readers.

Plus, you can have one do-follow promotional link in your bio or within the context of the post.

So if you want to submit an article to be featured on our website, here is what you need to know:

  • Original Content: Please do not submit duplicate content. The content should be unique to Naturalife. We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere.
  • Tone: Please use language that is simple and easy to understand. The wording should also sound generally positive and sound professional yet also sound like a normal conversation. Take a look at previous articles written by me (Cameron Hooper) to get a feel for what we are looking for.
  • We LOVE Connecting with New Contributors: We try to cover a huge range of topics at Naturalife so that we can help as many people as possible. With that said, we always read every submission word by word and get back to you within days if you followed the guidelines! So you can rest assured that your articles will not go into some void (like our socks seem to do). Also, you will know quickly whether your article is accepted or needs to be modified rather than waiting more than two weeks like most blogs do.
  • Word Count: We generally don’t have any minimum word count but our posts typically range between 1,600-3000 words depending on the topic.
  • Author Bio & Promotion: At the moment, we do not monetarily compensate content contributors for their posts. But we are happy to provide an author bio which can contain a brief description of you, and one link to your website and links social media accounts. Please keep your bio under 4-5 sentences. Naturalife is a great place to promote what you’re doing and establish some authority at the same time.
  • Health Claims: Please, please, if you make any claims, mention a statistic, or a study in your piece, provide a link to supporting evidence. At Naturalife, we only deliver articles that have accurate information. For example, if you’re claiming that a certain food is healthy, tell us how you know and provide some peer-reviewed, scientific papers, academic journals, or credible news outlets, to support your claims. If you read any authoritative blog, you will see that their claims are almost always backed authoritative sources.
  • By submitting to Naturalife, you acknowledge that you accept our terms, and your articles may be edited and optimized to fit our style at Naturalife. Once you submit your article, you agree that Naturalife is free to do as it sees fit with the article if it is published.

What We Specifically Look for In Submissions

  •  We love posts that help our readers grow, improve, and feel inspired. Take a look at our categories and you will see that we cover anything related to natural wellness. With that said, feel free to write about anything related to natural wellness, natural remedies, DIY natural products, spirituality, self-improvement, nutrition, recipes, tips to improve happiness, yoga, meditation, and even fitness tips / routines. If you think of a topic about natural health, chances it is a great fit for our site!
  • Photos: We encourage all contributions to contain photos that you own or do not infringe any copyright laws. Photos should typically be at least ~850 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall (bigger in either direction is fine but smaller usually makes quality an issue). Photos should have earth tone colors in them, be positive, have people in them, and/ or be taken in daylight. If you take your own pictures, we love when people use wood, white marble, light granite, or any other rustic / nature-like backdrops. In essence, if the picture is high quality and gives off a natural and positive vibe, then it is a perfect fit! You will be held liable for any images you submit that infringe on copyright laws.

Why Write for Naturalife?

1. You Will Change Lives

When you write for Naturalife, you reach a global audience. With this reach, you have the power to inspire people to better their lives. If you blog about health, this should  be your first priority anyways–true passion sparks ingenious works of writing.

2. You May Be Grandfathered in to Our Revenue-Sharing System

We completely understand how hard it can be to blog for a living. That’s why we are developing a way to share our ad revenue with our top content contributors. Once you contribute 5 or more quality articles (that are accepted), we will take you into our revenue sharing program! It’s a great way to earn passive income.

3. You Will Develop Authority and Send Traffic Back to Your Site

Guest blogging is still one of the best ways to build an online presence and to get traffic back to your website. We get that, and that’s why we always will provide a backlink to your website in your author description to help you out.

Before Submitting Your Post, Ask Yourself These Questions!

1. Is My Title a Great Title that Grabs Attention?

A title is perhaps the most important part of a blog post (and the picture). Kindly go here to learn how to make a great title if you have doubts.

2. Is My First Paragraph a Good Hook and Succinct?

This is mostly self-explanatory. It’s more of a learned art than anything.

3. Am I offering actionable advice or tips?

We want to always provide value to our readers–that’s what keeps them coming back! So double check to make sure you are providing advice or tips that readers can actually use to improve themselves.

4. Is My Blog Post Memorable, Relatable, and Great?

Writing a great blog post isn’t easy. But there are resources you can use to make your blog posts much better. So if you have spare time, check out this resource from Pro Blogger to improve your blog game.

5. Am I Using Plain English?

Please use plain english. Nobody enjoys reading a post full of jargon and complex sentences. Simple writing is an art that attracts more shares so your article will perform better!

6. Sources, Sources, Sources!

Please remember to show your references and sources. Linking to supporting authoritative references makes your article more authoritative as well!

7. Did I Include Amazing Pictures?

If you chose to include attractive pictures, please inform me where you got them from and make sure they are royalty free (or you bought them). I don’t want to be infringing on copyright laws.

8. Did I Look at Naturalife’s Posts to Mimic Their Formatting?

Self-explanitory. We don’t want to spend hours formatting your articles. The closer you can match our paragraph and formatting style, the better.

Ok, ok, so you checked everything and are ready to submit your article. Now What?

Please email us the following:

  • Your full post with a title within the body of the email.
  • Attach any relevant images as individual files. Do not put them in a zip or in the word document.
  • Your brief bio with links to your website and social media accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • Make sure your links are in brackets near the wording you want to the link to be in.
  • DO NOT use hyperlinks.
  • Provide a headshot or photo of you so we can use it for your bio.

Once you’re ready, send the email to cameron (at) naturalife.org
We look forward to reading your content and having you become a fellow Naturalife writer!

If you do not get an email back within two weeks, you can safely assume your submission was not accepted. But you’re free to send a different submission after two weeks.